MHV Photography is the face of Mike Hirsch, a laid-back creative dude based in Atlanta.

Even though I grew up drawing and building things (I wanted to be an architect at one point), my professional background is working as Art Director / Designer / Creative Director at different ad agencies in the States as well as a year in Korea for Samsung as Creative Director for product photography. Along with design, I’ve always dug photography and how it can visually tell different stories. I’m also kind of a nerd when it comes to experimenting with different looks of an image – I have to keep myself from going down the image-editing rabbit hole.

I like to mix it up. One day I’ll be shooting a photo project for a client and the next day I’ll be creating different looks. Then another day I might get on a logo design project or help a client decide what direction they want to go with for their photography. Working on different types of projects helps me keep the mind open and the blood flowing (and just basically from going crazy). In today’s crazy-ass world, I try to practice keeping that PMA (positive mental attitude) and stay away from negativity but always look forward to working with cool people on creative projects.

If you have any questions about how I can help with your project, go ahead and give me a shout.

Client list:

Sony, LucasArts, Hummer, Converse, REI, AT&T, HP, Audi, Reliant, Embassy Suites, Turner Network, GameTap, Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Thrashers, Blind Wink Films, Honest Engine Films, MAGIC Fashion, Polaris, Qwest, CondoHQ, The Vue, Electronic Arts, Albany Resorts, PUSH, Spyder Sports